White Station’s choir teachers: a dynamic duo


The ongoing bromance between choir teachers Joseph Powell and Daniel Massey was present prior to their teaching days at White Station. Their chemistry inside and outside of the classroom has proven to be valuable in teaching all of White Station’s choirs and acapella groups.

The two first met at a vocal competition approximately ten years ago. They attended the University of Southern Mississippi and were both involved with collegiate choirs and acapella groups.

“Mr. Powell forgot his Arias for Tenor book that he needed for the competition,” Massey said. “He was like ‘Hey, I’m Joseph. I need a book.’ and I was like ‘Sure, you can borrow it. That’s cool, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Both graduated from the same program as former White Station choir teacher, Ms. Nikisha Williams; however, Powell and Massey did not take the same route at the beginning.

“Mr. Powell came here straight out of college. I graduated one year ahead of Mr. Powell, and I went to Mobile and taught for three years,” Massey said. “And then I heard this job opened up. It was a bigger school, larger program.”

The White Station choir program includes over 200 students. Working together gives them the opportunity to push their approach on different subjects off one another for their large classes.

“This position is not a position that is director-assistant,” Powell said. “It is director-director, which is rare everywhere in the country. Classroom management and getting ideas across is easier with both of us.”

Their friendly and cheerful relationship has received attention amongst their students outside of the classroom as well.

“It’s funny when we do things outside of school, people kind of see us as a package deal now. Because when one of us isn’t there, they are like, ‘Where’s your other half?’” Powell said.

The friendly banter between the choir directors has kept their friendship close for this past decade. Massey even helped Powell propose to his wife by singing Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me.”

“It was difficult to sing while you are crying,” Massey said. “Crying has adverse effects on your voice when you are trying to sing.”

Their long-term friendship has only strengthened over the years.

Although many complain about having to work with a certain colleague, the dynamic duo of Powell and Massey shines a new light on getting along with your coworker.