Astroworld: bop or flop?


Hayden Thornton

A depiction of Travis Scott’s “Astroworld,” originally hand-drawn by Hayden Thornton (11).

Have you ever been to Six Flags: Astroworld? No? Neither has anyone else. The beloved famous amusement park, after which Travis Scott’s recent album is named, shut down in 2005. In an interview with GQ Style Magazine, the rapper explained the reasoning behind the title:

“They tore down ‘Astroworld’ to build more apartment space. That’s what it’s going to sound like, like taking an amusement park away from kids. We want it back,” Scott said.

As of Aug. 13, every song on the album, which features an extremely artistic and graphic cover photo, has hit the Billboard Top 100 list. Perhaps this is attributed to the number of songs featuring big artists, such as “Sicko Mode,” featuring Drake and “NC-17,” featuring 21 Savage.

“The features were really good. That’s what made the album. They were most of it. He wasn’t even on much of it,” Kamiah Webb, an avid fan of Travis Scott, (12) said.

In general, the debate on whether or not “Astroworld” is Scott’s best piece of work to date is very much miscellaneous. There are, of course, some who hated it, some who loved it and some who refer to it as a mixture of both.

“If you listen to ‘Rodeo,’ this is definitely not his best album,” Webb said.  

Sydney Thornton (9), on the other hand, loved the album.

“I really do like the album. I think this is probably the best album he’s come out with,” Thornton said.

According to our student populous, “Astroworld” is both a bop and a flop. Although the album featured many famous rappers and R&B artists, the hype leading up to it may have been too much for some fans and caused disappointment; however, the positive reviews that the album did score may be just enough for Travis Scott to remain relevant in the rap industry. After all, it would be a shame for two “Astroworlds” to be lost to history.  

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