Lady Spartans return for a new season of lacrosse


Caitlin Tate

Coach Todd speaks at the girl’s lacrosse interest meeting to both new and old Lady Spartans

A new school year means a new season for the Lady Spartan Lacrosse Team.

The first interest meeting for the girl’s lacrosse team took place on Tuesday, Aug. 28. Attendance at the interest meeting was low, due to the fact that past members have graduated, and there are few returning players. However, with 10 new players interested in joining, the team and coach feel optimistic about the new season despite the fact that there is no JV was coach yet.

“We’ve had more wins last year than all our years combined. I plan to win even more this year,” Todd Jones, coach of the girl’s lacrosse team said. “They say in order to be a good lacrosse player you have to play 10,000 hours of wall ball.”

At the meeting, Jones explained the expectations in place and the steps to take in order to win, which include time management and practice, practice, practice. The large amount of practice time discouraged neither the returning nor the new girls.

Genesis Robinson (10), a second-year midfielder, said that she planned to not only play for fun, but to make a college career out of playing lacrosse.

Furthermore, Jones is helping his players that are interested in a college career in lacrosse form connections with more experienced and professional lacrosse players. This February, Jones managed to book a clinic with Taylor Cummings, who is revered as “the Michael Jordan of lacrosse,” according to Jones. The clinic will open doors for players who want to play lacrosse at the next level.