”The Spitfire Grill” takes center stage


Lydia Williams

Claire Brindley and Rachel Thomas singing onstage during the musical

Something’s cooking at the Spitfire Grill. After months of preparation, the theater, band and choir programs are ready to present The Spitfire Grill Musical. The show aired in the auditorium of the high school on April 19 and continued until the 21.

This musical is about a woman named Percy Talbott who has been in prison for the past five years. When she is released, she moves to the small town of Gilead, Wisconsin, where she begins to work at the Spitfire Grill.

Abbey Friedman (9) is a member of the ensemble and excited to perform in this production.

“No show is exactly the same: the blocking, the cast, the way people portray their characters,” Friedman said. “I think the way that we do all those things in Spitfire, which is not a very famous musical, is unique, and that helps make the musical ‘come alive.’” Friedman also played Antigone in the last school production.

Milla Meiman (9) is also in the ensemble and was seen at White Station in Antigone last fall.

“What I like about it is that we have this great mix of kids doing it,” Meiman said.“The show has a powerful message, and the soundtrack is great, and we’ve got a really talented mix [of people].”

Claire Brindley (11) was cast as Percy. Brindley has been acting for six years and this is her third show at White Station.

“My character definitely has the hardest background,” Brindley said. “That’s never happened to me, so trying to find that emotion and present it the right way is difficult.”

Percy has had a tough life, and now that she has come to the Spitfire Grill, she is finding herself, a true family and what it means to be forgiven.