Chorale takes on Tennessee Music Educators Association Conference

Chorale takes on Tennessee Music Educators Association Conference

Arts are a place for creativity, expression and exploration. The White Station High School advanced choral group is taking this to the next level. April 12, chorale will be representing Memphis in the Tennessee Music Educators Association conference as the only high school choir to perform in the conference.

“TMEA is the gathering of all music educators throughout the state of Tennessee geared toward promoting excellence in the classroom,” choir director Daniel Massey said.
A music group is eligible to apply for a TMEA performing slot every three years, and the past three times they were eligible, they have performed. The directors send in three years of recordings to prove the choir’s excellence. Acceptance means the choir creates an ideal sound that others should aspire to produce. Both directors were excited for the news.

“[I] gave the most profound high five [to Joseph Powell], and my hand hurt for two or three days,” Massey said.

Joseph Powell, also a director, expressed his surprise despite his confidence in the choir.
After being accepted, the directors moved to choosing songs.

“You need to know the weapons in your arsenal,” Powell said.

The ten songs were chosen for variety, educational value and compatibility with the choir. They come from different time periods with different genres and lengths. All choir members will be attending for the first time, and the amount of music and limited time has kept the choir focused.
“No time for fun…have fun through the music,” Massey said.
As the nervous students and directors have become more excited as the conference approaches, they continue to explore the music. Nine songs are acapella, and another song is the unpublished work of Jorge Córdoba that the directors were able to acquire by contacting him.

The sole song with accompaniment is a new Jonathan Rogers SATB arrangement that the directors were able to acquire by contacting him.

“All it took was an email,” Massey said.
With all the music, the choir has performed well in the eyes of the director. The directors hope the choir members enjoy the experience.
“Not everything will be sunshine,” Massey said. “You have to remember that the kids will remember the experience.”