Memphis soccer fans gear up for much anticipated USL team

The United Soccer League logo; the team name and logo has yet to be revealed.

The United Soccer League logo; the team name and logo has yet to be revealed.

In 1998, the Memphis Redbirds were created as an expansion team in Minor League Baseball. Then, in 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies National Basketball Association franchise moved to Memphis. Now, in 2018, the United Soccer League announces a brand new team coming to Memphis.

Who knew that by 2019, Memphis would have yet another professional sports team? This time, there will be a team to appeal to all the soccer fans in the city. A new professional soccer team will be playing at AutoZone Park, sharing a field with the Memphis Redbirds.

The team will bring newfound excitement to the fans in the city, including some of White Station’s own students.

I am looking forward to a whole new different culture in Memphis: a more singing, passionate, excited fan base in Autozone Park. Hopefully, with the new team, the beautiful game will become bigger in Memphis,” Brandon Quach (10) said.

To probe interest, USA Goalkeeper and Memphis resident Tim Howard is at the forefront of this new initiative. Fans have already started anticipating the 2019 inaugural season.

“I do plan on attending the games. It’s something my friends and I [want] to do,” Ari Campbell (10) said.

This collaboration between the USL and the Redbirds’ front office will undoubtedly bring a new buzz to downtown Memphis. Adding to the fun summer night Redbirds games and almost-year round Grizzlies games, the currently unnamed Memphis soccer club will likely draw more outsiders to Memphis.