Track and Field 2017


Reanna Ruddick

(In order from left to right) Rajala Bean (10), Jamaya Fleming (11), and Aali Yarbrough (11) begin the 2017 season with a fast start.

With over 18 events to compete in, the White Station track and field team starts preparations for their 2017 season.
Under the teaching of Sergeant Royce Myers, who has been coaching for 13 years and has experience with his own high school track career, the team hopes to progress to the state championships in 2017. The team is fortunate to have some players compete in the championship each year, but this year they plan to have more players compete and win.
A few of the many events the team competes in include distance, high jump, long jump, discus, hurdles and shot put. Each player competes in a single category, but the team works as a family.
Even though track and field is primarily an individualistic sport, the White Station group is nowhere near an individualistic team. Members work together, motivate each other and succeed as a whole.
“Although there are 18 different events, it takes the support of your teammates there to motivate you to do your best for the team,” Myers said.
Erin Donlon (12), a distance runner who typically runs the one mile or two-miler, has only been on the team since her junior year, but has seen her skills and leadership improve. She has bonded with her team, whether it’s at practice or during meets, even though she’s only been a part of the group for a short amount of time.
“I’ve always liked to run, which seems weird to a lot of people, but I remember going to one of my cousin’s cross country meets and thinking, ‘What if I did that?’ Donlon said.
Her experience on cross country attributed to her desire to start running track. Her goal this season is to improve her mile time.
The sprinters are another division of the track team. The girls sprinters, led by captain Jamaya Fleming (11), and the boys team, led by captain Anterreon McClain (12). The girls 4×1 relay team has gone to state the past three years and one of their mains goals is to go back and win. Some of the stand-out sprinters are Kourtnie Kelley (10) and Jamaya Fleming. This year, the team has a lot of promising freshmen, including Alashley Lamar, Paige Lee, and DeAnne’ Shae Bland.
Some of the field events include discus, long jump and shot put. Jordan Donald (11) is a field athlete who has been playing since sixth grade. His favorite memory from the sport is playing with former WSHS field athlete Jalen Edwards, who motivated and encouraged him as they trained together. His dedication for the team paid off when he won first place in the Junior Varsity championship his freshman year. This year, his main goal is to advance to state, hopefully beating out rivalry schools, such as Houston and Whitehaven.
“We have a very good work ethic,” Donald said. “And we are very determined to win state.”