Forbes List: the Trevor Forbes story


Talent. Dedication. Integrity. Those are three qualities that any football player must have. A special football player must have one additional quality a true admiration and love of the game. Trevor Forbes (12)  is an example of a special football player.

Forbes has experienced a great deal of success on the field. In the game against Bartlett this year, he finished with four total touchdowns, including a smooth 47 yard touchdown scamper. Forbes has experienced a considerable amount of success on the field and attributes that success to his teammates.

“I would have to give it to my O-Line (offensive linemen),” Forbes said. “The big dogs they don’t get the credit they deserve, so I shout them out whenever I can.”

One word to describe Forbes’s style of play would be “dynamic.” Throughout his White Station career, he has played running back, safety, outside linebacker, tight end, cornerback and wide receiver. At each position he plays, his explosiveness and fundamentally-sound abilities shine through.

Forbes’s style on the field has captured the attention of several prestigious universities. He has been recruited by Navy, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and more. To get offers from Ivy League and Ivy League caliber schools, one must perform adequately in school. Forbes has done just that, earning scholarship offers.  

“Getting recruited by places like that, it was just really amazing for me to think that I could be going to such a high-academic institution to further my football career and get great academic teaching,” Forbes said.

Forbes is a Florida native, growing up in Miami. He started playing football early, in the first grade. He also was a standout player at White Station Middle, carving out an illustrious junior high career.

“In Miami, Florida, they take football very seriously. My whole Dad’s side of the family [are] all huge football fans and play football,” Forbes said. “…It was a pride thing, and it was in the bloodline to play football.”

Despite his success on the field, Forbes values his academic success even more.

“Honestly, academics come first…I actually keep my academic [grades] higher during football season,” Forbes said.

With a 4.1 GPA and offers from schools like Harvard, it is evident that Forbes takes his studies very seriously. His ability to balance both his academics and his football career is unique.

Forbes has a hefty social media following. His twitter has over 1200 followers. When he posted a picture announcing he had received an offer from Harvard, he accrued over 120 retweets.

“You really are supposed to [post on social media] so other colleges that are following you to see that you’re being recruited by other schools,” Forbes said.When it did start blowing up, I was caught a little off guard, I guess, but I don’t let it get to me.”

First and foremost, Forbes is a team player. He will play on defense if it gives the Spartans a better chance of winning.

“We have more depth at running back,” Forbes said. “I will sacrifice my stats going to someone else offensively to make sure that we’re right on defense.”

After college, he intends to pursue a career in the football business, whether it is playing the sport or becoming an agent. With Forbes’s impressive work ethic, this goal is attainable.

Forbes has a very simple life motto: No regrets.

“On the field, in the classroom, or just in life, I don’t ever want to think about what could have happened,” Forbes said. “I would rather do something, know what happened and deal with the results.”