Nominating Convention for 2016-17 Eboard

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Nominating Convention for 2016-17 Eboard


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Meet your 2016-17 Eboard

Presidents: Rossanna Sandoval & Kavya Jawabnavis

Vice Presidents of Logistics: Lena Benson & Shruthi Velrajan

Vice Presidents of Activities: Molly Rogers & Camryn Corbin

Commissioners of Student Welfare: Niharika Srivastava & Brandon Nwokeji

Commissioner of Publicity: Zack Roder

Secretary: Anisha Dash

Senior Commissioner: Tariq Thompson

Junior Commissioner: Anthony Madubuonwu

Sophomore Commissioner: Cindy Tan

Sergeant at Arms: Samantha Stemmer

April 22 was Eboard Nomination Convention, election day for the 2016-17 school year members. The process worked as such: nominees gave applications to Andrew Rogers and Monique Beals, Eboard’s Vice Presidents of Logistics. Next, Student Council members with 10 points were allowed to attend “Nom Con” and vote on who is best fit for each position.
“You need five points for each semester,” Allie Burton (12), Eboard Member at Large, said. “You get points by going to football games, by going to plays, choir concerts…if you get your 10 points, then you can come to Nominating Convention at the end of the year and those people vote.”
Each Eboard hopeful was given a funny question and a serious question to answer before the crowd. After answering questions, the nominee must leave the room and a pro speaker advocates on their behalf— why they are qualified for that position and how they would be an asset to the Eboard.
“It’s smart to join student council first,” Andrew Rogers (12) said. “Because when you get up and you’re trying to run for Eboard, a great thing is to, like,  acknowledge how you’re qualified to run the school and if you have experience in student council…then you’re more likely to look better for the people.”
Next, voters close their eyes and are given the opportunity to “con” the applicant, or point out valid reasons why they may not be best fit for the job— maybe they have other responsibilities that could take away from Eboard duties. This process involves current Eboard members collecting notecards with cons written on them and then reading the statements before the voting group. Pro speakers are then given a chance to counter any cons. Finally, a vote is cast.
The process is designed to keep Eboard elections from becoming a popularity contest. Why be on Eboard?
“I’ve never understood, like, who sets up for the pep rally..but, being on Eboard, you actually have to do it,” Harry Arcamuzi (12), Eboard Historian, said. “And it’s not always fun, but it’s pretty rewarding to see everyone in that pep rally cheering for the Spartans.”

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