Seeing double


Joseph Boughter

Grace (10) and Caroline (10) on the field.

The elusive hat trick, scoring three points in a single game, is yearned for among soccer players around the world. Although the girls’ soccer season has only recently begun, twins Grace and Caroline Duncan (10) have already both kicked off their sophomore year with hat tricks.

The Duncan duo has played alongside one another since the first grade. Starting in 5th grade, the Duncans juggled volleyball with competitive and school soccer.  Upon entering high school, the Duncans were forced to choose which sport they would play. Facing a tough decision, the twins decided to pick soccer.

“There’s not a net dividing the teams,” Grace said.

At a quick glance, identical twins Grace and Caroline seem to be similar players – both are powerful, quick and crafty. However, upon further examination of their individual playing styles, the twins are quite different. Grace, left-footed, currently plays as a midfielder, while right-footed Caroline plays in the back as a defender.

However, this was not always the case. At the beginning of the year, both Duncans played near the top of the formation, contributing mostly on offense. After realizing the team was struggling in defense, Caroline talked with her coach and insisted she help the back.

”I’m not asking you to [put me in the back], I’m telling you to,” Caroline said to Coach Thomas Davis. “I feel like I can contribute more to the team when I’m there, ” Caroline said.

The siblings are comforted by each other’s presence even though their positions are far away.

“It feels good knowing that Grace is there because I know I can trust her,” Caroline said.

Even though they play  different positions on the field, both Grace and Caroline have scored hat-tricks. After Caroline’s impressive hat-trick against Hutchison, Grace quickly scored one of her own against Bolton.

“My competitiveness kicked in and I really wanted to score one too,” Grace said.

When asked which twin was the better soccer player, Grace just smiled.

“Come to one of our games and you can decide for yourself,” Grace said.