Dear rising senior

Kathryn Todd, A&E Team Leader

March 27, 2020

Dear Rising Senior,  There’s a lot of hype around this year. There’s a lot of pressure because of this year. You’ll face mystery, suspense, serenity and chaos. The expectations you have may or may not come to life. It...

PIE uses multiple organizations to raise money

Kathryn Todd, A&E Team Leader

December 16, 2019

No, PIE does not mean the dessert. PIE stands for Partners in Education, the sole volunteer organization that supports White Station High School, staff and students. Members of PIE host breakfasts and luncheons for teachers, hos...

How Black Friday has changed over the years

Kathryn Todd, A&E Team Leader

November 26, 2019

Big crowds. Big savings. Big Friday? The conspiracies behind the origin of a popular holiday tradition range from accounting records to financial crisis to police misfortunes. But what exactly is the true story behind Black Friday? The...

Janay Kelley (12) recites one of three different poems during a specific BNVF event. The events include group, individual and lightning round (around 90 seconds).

Slammed in Vegas

November 5, 2019

The Spartan Experience Episode One: The Back to School Edition

Ian McMillin

October 29, 2019

In a special two-parter edition of the Spartan Experience, Ian McMillin sits down with some of underrated faces of White Station's recent homecoming in Amalie Vacanti and Emmett Campbell. However, the second segment fea...

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