Slammed in Vegas

Slammed in Vegas

November 5, 2019

The Spartan Experience Episode One: The Back to School Edition

Ian McMillin

October 29, 2019

In a special two-parter edition of the Spartan Experience, Ian McMillin sits down with some of underrated faces of White Station's recent homecoming in Amalie Vacanti and Emmett Campbell. However, the second segment fea...

Trivia nights grow popular among youth

Kathryn Todd

May 6, 2019

True or False: only adults go to trivia nights. If you answered false, you are correct. What started as a way for businesses to earn more on slow nights has turned into a routine social event for adults and students alike. ...

Cons: The argument for technology in the classroom

Kathryn Todd

February 26, 2019

Walk into a classroom at White Station, and you will most likely find a student using personal technology—be it a phone or laptop. Despite the obvious benefits, usage of personal technology in the classroom has many cons, in...

Spartans find success on the court against Central

Kathryn Todd

February 19, 2019

Encouraging fans in the stands, battling cheer squads on the sidelines, dribbling players on the court. All of this can be found during basketball games—winter’s version of “Friday Night Lights.” Spartan supporters came to ...

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