A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Rebekah Butler (11) holds up her phone to scan a QR code to a black history trivia contest. Thanks to the efforts of Mary E. Pittman (12), events such as this have been planned throughout February to celebrate Black History Month.

Mary E. Pittman brings a new perspective on black history to White Station High School

Chase Pittman, Writer February 27, 2022

If you scan one of the many QR codes lining the hallways of White Station High School, you may find yourself with the chance to learn something new. As one of several projects intended to teach often overlooked...

Dahlia Townley-Bakewell uses Google Translate to help an Arabic-speaking student with his work. Since the beginning of the year, this student, who asked not to be photographed, has required the help of student-translators to understand complex math which can be difficult to translate.

Lost in translation: how a student is google-translating his way to academic success

Chase Pittman, Writer January 26, 2022

The student who is being tutored by Dahlia Townley-Bakewell opted to remain anonymous.   School is difficult enough for English-speaking students, but for those who are less proficient in English...

Supporters of the Braylon Murray Project march in memory of Braylon Murray. In August, the Memphis teen was robbed and murdered by teens armed with guns, a shocking example of the gun violence that has become prevalent in Memphis.

Teens use death of Braylon Murray to push for change

Chase Pittman, Writer December 7, 2021

One afternoon. One afternoon is all the time it took for an entire community to be wrecked with tragedy. Braylon Murray, a junior at Gateway Christian Academy, was only 17 when he was robbed and murdered...

Facebook connects nearly 2.85 billion people worldwide, but what impact does it have on its users? On Oct. 5, whistleblower Frances Haugen came forward and revealed critical information about Facebook’s mismanaging of privacy, hate speech and mental health.

Facebook crashes for hours: what happened?

Chase Pittman and Lena Zeng November 5, 2021

Monday, Oct. 4, millions across the globe were confused as apps owned by Facebook refused to load, preventing many from communicating with friends, family and loved ones. This came soon after Frances Haugen,...

Mrs. Harden helps a student with an assignment for her new class, Fundamentals of Teaching. This class is a recent addition to the WSHS curriculum, which allows students to explore teaching as a profession.

Students get a glimpse into the world of teaching with the new Fundamentals of Teaching class

Chase Pittman, Writer October 1, 2021

Most students have no idea what it’s like to be a teacher; they go to class and do their work but are only ever able to experience school as a student. Two new classes, which allow students to bridge...

Will Smith (12) stands on a street corner holding up a sign to promote a White Station food drive. As head of the school’s service committee, this is just one of many drives he has organized.

Smith uses his voice to inspire change in his community

Chase Pittman, Writer June 8, 2021

Some students see making a change as an impossible feat. Will Smith (12), however, has made serving his community and changing it for the better a priority in his life. As the founder of the Black Poetry...

Emmett Campbell’s (12) TikTok page shows his many videos. He has amassed over 19,600 followers creating popular content.

Students find fame through viral TikToks

Chase Pittman, Writer April 22, 2021

For most teens, TikTok is a way to share jokes, discover new ideas and keep up with celebrities. Some students, however, have found success making content that appeals to broad audiences.  Rylie Duke...

Amarie Raymond (12)  poses for a dramatic self portrait. This photograph was featured on the website of fashion magazine Vogue Italia.

Amarie Raymond finds big success with photography business

Chase Pittman, Writer February 21, 2021

Most students interested in photography pursue it as a hobby, something to do with spare time and an iPhone camera. Amarie Raymond (12), on the other hand, has built a business out of taking professional...

A piece of watercolor art by Anahis Luna (12) for her series showcasing the personalities of family members. It is art like this that earned her several gold keys in the Scholastic Art Competition.

Scholastic Art Competition offers valuable opportunities to students

Chase Pittman, Writer December 10, 2020

Paint, graphite and countless hours of tireless work. Every year thousands of high school artists from across the U.S. devote vast amounts of time and energy on masterful creative projects to enter the...

Shawn Meng (third from left) helps volunteers pour concrete for a ramp connecting the platform to the sidewalk. Months of hard work had led to successful completion of the ambitious project.

Meng upgrades prominent social area through scout project

Chase Pittman December 9, 2020

The sun beats down hard and sweat runs down masked faces. The sound of shovels on gravel fills the air as Shawn Meng (11), soon to be an Eagle Scout, leads student volunteers to build a platform that gives...

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