Shelbymarie Amos

Singing in the Spotlight

Sophomore Shelbymarie Amos has a determined mind and uncontrollable passion for singing.

Amos has been singing since the age of six and performing since middle school. She mainly performs covers but wants to make her own music. “I love singing because it reminds me of my family. My grandmother sings and other members sing a little too. Singing brought my family together.”

Amos recently performed on ABC News on President’s Day. “ABC was a great experience for me because it gave me a lot of exposure,” she said. She has also performed on local news channel 9 and at the Memphis Opera, which she labeled her coolest gig.

Amos considers her style unique and jazzy. “Singing is like second nature to me,” she said. Jhené Aiko and Jill Scott are two of her musical inspirations.

According to Amos, the hardest part of performing is nerves. To get over them, Amos says prayers and surrounds herself with positive, supportive people.

“My family is 100% supportive and very much invested in me.” But by far the most rewarding part of performing in front of her audience is “people’s faces and their smiles.”

Other than singing and performing, Shelbymarie’s hobbies include drawing and design. She plans to go to design school in the future. However, if a music producer were to offer her a contract, she would definitely say yes.

Amos practices for an hour or more a day. She is currently investing most of her time singing.

Hopefully White Station will hear more from this rising star.