Spartan Lacrosse

Lax Bros: The Lancasters

Sportsmen often refer to their teammates as brothers. The term ‘brother’ is viewed as the ultimate bond between two men. It is not often, though, that two teammates really are brothers. Jeffrey (12) and Bedon (10) Lancaster not only share a last name, but they also a share a sport: lacrosse.

When Bedon joined his older brother on the lacrosse team last year, they both knew that they would be a good duo, but they did not realize that they would have the chance to be special.

“ I really realized the potential [for us] after last year,” said Jeffrey.

“[Our parents] were all for it and supported us playing together,” said Bedon.

With White Station “making a lot of improvements,” according to Jeffrey, from last year, the Lancaster duo has the chance to become even better players. What makes the brothers so talented is that they feed off each other’s skills: Bedon playing attack and Jeffrey playing midfield.

“I’m more of the passer and he’s the scorer,” said Jeffrey.

As the season progresses, the “1-2 combo,” a term Bedon coined, will look to lead the Spartans to wins against teams like Collierville, Houston, and CBHS. For now, though, Bedon and Jeffrey are just trying to enjoy the last year they will be able to play with each other before Jeffrey graduates.

Spartan Lacrosse Players Look to Get Middle School Involved

Lacrosse is a well-liked sport at White Station High School and is expanding quickly. As a result, several students are poised to make it just as popular at White Station Middle School.

Seniors John Ruch, Taurus Harvell, A.J. Brannigan, and Jackson Fuson, along with both Lancasters, have become involved with training middle school rugby players.

“We were going to get some varsity players to go and have a training camp with the kids,” said Jackson Fuson.

Although this plan is not official, Spartan lacrosse players hope to improve the middle school players so that they are better prepared to play at the high school level.