Vive la France — french students explore France



The ceiling of the Palace of Versailles, the former royal residency, is known for its abundance of medieval art. French students spent 10 days in France.

Down the rues of France, the splatter of paint guides travelers to their next destination. They walk cautiously through the roads, dodging pages of the latest Vogue issue. They become hypnotized by the smell of warm baguettes, alerting them their next adventure is up ahead. On Mar. 9, students from Mr. Tassa’s French class had the opportunity to travel to France.

“I was really excited at the thought of going out of the country without my parents and getting to spend time with my friends in a new place,” Quinn Milne (11) said. “Also, we got to visit the Eiffel Tower; it was very pretty at night.”

From Mar. 9 to 19, students were given a chance to venture through the streets of France while exploring various popular attractions, including the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Palace of Versailles.

“[My favorite part was] the food and being able to go to the beach a lot,” Mia Kitterlin (10) said. “In Nice, people were a lot nicer [than in Paris], and it was a beautiful place.”

While in France, students were able to improve their French by attending French school every day. Students enhanced their grammar and made friends with native French speakers.

“I wasn’t used to talking to people younger than me, but [the native French speakers] were really nice,” Kitterlin said. “A lot of them learned English through TikTok, [so] we were [making] the same jokes and references.”

The opportunity to go to France serves as a sacred memory for Mr. Tassa’s French students. Most people can only dream of exploring France, yet these students were able to make this dream their reality.

“[I enjoyed] walking around and exploring the cities with my friends,” Milne said. “I would definitely do it again. [It was a] very fun and awesome experience.”