Is Crumbl Cookies overrated?

When #crumblreview blew up on TikTok mid-2021, everyone from influencers to teenagers began filming and posting their honest reviews on Crumbl Cookies’s odd yet intriguing flavors. Memphis’s first storefront opened in the East Memphis Williamsburg Village Shopping Center in early July, giving Memphians an opportunity to see what the hype is really about. Being a close distance from White Station, it’s become a hit for Spartans as an after-school snack.

It’s difficult to drive down Mendenhall Road without noticing the outrageous line forming outside the store of customers purchasing the $4 cookies. Upon entering the store, the sweet aroma of cookies fills nostrils and grows the hunger in the guests’ bellies. But is a singular cookie worth $4? Here is The Scroll’s honest review on eight of Crumbl Cookies’s flavors.

1) Galaxy Brownie ★★★

Calling all chocolate lovers! This cookie brought me back to elementary school when everyone envied the kid whose mother packed them a Little Debbie®️ cosmic brownie. The cookie itself was light and surprisingly not overwhelmingly chocolatey. The icing was fluffy and had the perfect amount of sweetness without causing a straight sugar rush.

2) Milk Chocolate Chip ★★

Crumbl’s chocolate chip cookie was surprisingly salty. For some, this may be a tasty break from sugary cookies, but I personally love a sweet chocolate chip cookie. Crumbl Cookie’s version disappointed. For a mediocre chocolate chip cookie, I would go elsewhere and save my $4.

3) Cookie Dough ★

This was the flavor I was most excited about, and I was thoroughly disappointed. The “chilled” cookie was difficult to bite into after just being taken out of the refrigerator. The weak flavor could be a positive for some people, but overall, I found the cold cookie not worth the cost.

4) Caramel Pumpkin ★★★★

Taking the first bite, I was reminded of the perfect fall day: orange leaves falling to the ground, a breeze flowing through your light jacket and pumpkins decorating every house on the block. Perfectly paired with a pumpkin spice latte, this cookie beat all expectations I had. Opening the iconic pink box, this cookie stood tall with a fluffy base and swirled icing. It’s a perfect combination of pumpkin spice and caramel without overpowering either flavor.

5) Banana Bread ★★★

This cookie hit the flavor on point. Expecting it to be too banana-like or have a dense consistency, it was a nice surprise to have picked up the ideal banana bread flavor in the perfect, crumbly bite.

6) Cereal Milk Sandwich ft. PEBBLES®️ Cereal ★★★★★

By far, this colorful cookie knocks everything out of the park. The cookie and icing layering intimidated me at first it appeared to be a sugar overload. One quality I immediately noticed about Crumbl Cookies is their ability to get the sweetness of every cookie right on the money. With most cookies having icing on top, this sandwich cookie had a change of texture.

7) Waffle ★★★

This take on a breakfast food was intriguing with its checkered design and icing that resembled a dollop of butter. On the side was a syrup packet that is intended for customers to pour over the cookie. Although I didn’t like the extra labor to get the final cookie, the taste was accurate to that of a waffle. It was an interesting cookie that I would recommend for anyone to try.

8) Old Fashioned Doughnut ★

I am a fan of old-fashioned doughnuts; they are the perfect treat when you don’t want too much sugar. The display of this cookie was cute and resembled a donut perfectly, but the flavor was unusual in an unpleasant way. The cookie itself was flat, and the icing coating the dough created an unusual texture with the first bite. The texture and flavor combination made this cute cookie a bad one. If one were to want a cookie without too much sweetness, I would recommend the banana bread before this.