Luckett on the links

Student Spotlight

For a person who has just started his senior year of high school, the pressure of playing at two of the most prestigious golf courses in the world with a professional golfer on national television is overwhelming.

But Malik Luckett, who recently finished a golf tournament in California at Pebble Beach and Del Monte Golf Courses, can handle it.

“ I wasn’t really pressured,” said Luckett

Luckett played alongside professional golfer Loren Roberts. While Luckett enjoyed playing in the tournament with Roberts, he also used this opportunity to learn from a professional. “ He taught me more about the golf swing and he helped me with putting,” Luckett said.

Luckett was sent to the tournament by the First Tee of Memphis Program, an organization that teaches life skills and leadership through golf. Originally he did not want to join the program, but now he is thankful his dad made him. “ My dad made me join me, he forced me to go out and I loved it,” Luckett said

This tournament prepared Luckett for the state tournament, which took place about one week after. This gave him very little time to prepare for the rigorous competition. That did not affect Luckett at all. He finished 4th overall out of 72, the highest a Spartan has placed in 40 years.

Although his golf career is over at White Station, he would not take it back for anything.

“ I loved my career here and wouldn’t have rather had it anywhere else,” said Luckett