Grit N Grind


The end of basketball season last year did not signify the time for the city of Memphis to retire its Grizzlies garb. Wherever you go in the city, people can be seen sporting Grizz t-shirts or bumper sticker.

Although the season’s end did not cause Memphians to discard their Grizz attire, it did indicate substantial changes in the team as it stood last year. With a new coach, David Joerger, and new players, the team will have an entirely new feel in the upcoming season.

Junior Keith Scatamacchia said he believes that the changes are unnecessary. “I’m skeptical because I’ve never seen [Joerger] coach before.”

However he is optimistic about the team’s performance this season, believing that the Grizz will make it to the Western Conference Finals. “Maybe NBA finals, but I highly doubt it,” he said.

You don’t have to know the name of every player or follow the team updates on ESPN to be a die-hard Grizzlies fan in Memphis. As anyone who attends games during the season will tell you, there’s just something about the Grizzlies that makes them easy to love.

The FedEx Forum gets sold out… It’s so, so loud that it’s ridiculous… It really brings people together,” said Scatamacchia. The Grizzlies have become much more than just a basketball team to the city of Memphis. You only have to walk down Beale Street after a playoff game to understand their true effect on the city.

Grizz impact has extended far beyond excitement during a playoff game. The team has brought Memphis back to life in countless ways, pulling the city together as citizens both in and out of the Forum. Local businesses, schools, and even churches will post signs cheering on the beloved team and wearing a Grizzlies t-shirt guarantees high-fives and fist bumps wherever you go in the city. “Being from Memphis, I love basketball. The Grizzlies brought everybody together two years ago,” said Scatamacchia. “They mean a lot to the city.”

Overall, the excitement during the preseason is running high. Scatamacchia said “There are a lot of expectations this year from a lot of people. I’m really anxious to see how it all plays out.”