Addition of Disney+ gives back students’ childhood


Autumn Bobo

Antonio Villareal (11) browses Disney Plus for viewing options. The platform boasts over 8,500 programs with plans for expansion in the future; as of now, Disney+ encompasses original Disney channel shows and movies, Marvel, National Geographic, ESPN, Pixar and Star Wars.

Faces bathed in the light of a screen are no longer limited to a traditional television showing Disney Channel. With the company’s recent release of Disney Plus on mobile devices, those who grew up watching Disney Channel are getting a blast from the past.

“It really just makes me feel like a little kid again,” Aniyya Dent (9) said. “I always remember watching Disney Channel just for fun…staying up late at night to watch all the good shows.”

Users are able to reminisce about their childhoods as well, special memories in particular coming to mind.

“I can totally remember watching it and just sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn,” Antonio Villareal (11) said.

Bonds with siblings have been remembered and even re-established through use of the app too.

“I had an older sister…and I would watch teenager shows with her. [I watched] all of Hannah Montana, Even Stevens [and] all of that. It was a big part of my life,” Katie Armstrong (12) said.

The service has prices from $6.99 without tax for only Disney Plus to $12.99 without tax for a bundle with Hulu and ESPN as well.

“My dad did the math on it, and he canceled cable because it’s a lot cheaper to have it all bundled,” Armstrong said.

Other streaming services may face a lack of business due to Disney Plus’s varied range of selections.

“Netflix is going to have a little bit of a hard time…I started to get bored with Netflix,” Villareal said.

In the end, Disney has created a force to bridge today’s generational gap.

“I really think it’s a cross-generational app. I know my mom and my dad really like watching Disney movies too…we all kind of share the app,” Villareal said.