Fall sports players to watch

Girl’s Soccer

 Lauren Sobral’s (12) work ethic is one of the many qualities that makes her a player to watch this season. The senior goalie has shown her outstanding motivation by not missing a single game in her four-year White Station career. The most remarkable moment of her career was last year in an important game against Collerville. She totaled 30 saves and led the Spartans to an improbable victory. Sobral is being recruited to play college soccer for the University of Alabama- Birmingham (UAB). She is going to be a key player for this talented White Station team.


Leadership and selflessness make Petera Wilson (12) an elite player and leader on the football team. The senior linebacker not only has a large presence physically, standing at 6’3 and 215 pounds, but he a strong character. Wilson serves as a vocal leader for the Spartans. His huge size and dedication to becoming a better player have earned him football scholarships from a number of different schools. Look for this 4-year starter to make a big impact this year.


When it comes to volleyball, the setter position is a key leader of the team. Sydney Watson (12) is the setter for this squad, and is looked upon as a leader by her teammates. The senior may also be the most vocal player on the team, one of the reasons she was named captain. Watson will be going to University of Alabama and serving as the manager of their volleyball team.

Athleticism is very important in volleyball, a quality making Arielle Scott (12) a key player in the sport. This season, she is approaching 500 kills, which is a successful, legal point-scoring spike attack. The senior captain is not only a volleyball standout, also a track star. Scott is being recruited by several Division 2 schools for college volleyball but has not made a decision yet.

Kaylee Adams (12) brings a great passing ability to the Spartan volleyball team. The three-year starter has been named one of the top 25 passers in the state of Tennessee and averages over 2.5 dips a game (a dip is a low-to-the-ground spike to prevent the ball from hitting the ground). Adams has been deemed the “silent leader” by her coach, Jessamyn Bradley, because she is very quiet, but is able to make a big impact.

Boy’s Golf

Malik Luckett (12) is viewed as the leader of the White Station golf team not only because he is the only senior, but also because he has shown leadership qualities throughout his 4-year career. Luckett has been a Commercial Appeal Best of the Preps his Sophomore and Junior Season. The 4-year starter was recently invited to the Pebble Beach Junior Invitational, a prestigious golf tournament to which only the best golfers in the nation are invited. Luckett is being recruited to play golf in college by a small school in Texas.

Three of the most important skills in golf are motivation, athleticism, and intelligence. Wade Humbert (11) possesses all three of those skills. Humbert keeps up a 4.0 GPA and takes several AP courses. The diligent junior also is a consistent strength on the golf team and regularly leads them to success.