Fall fitness

Staying active during a busy season


It’s that time of year again – the time for Friday night lights, for insane college football-crazed fans, for Sundays overloaded with NFL games, for baseball’s famed pennant races.

And is it the time for biking?

Senior Jacob Mabray rides his bicycle to school every day. He takes weekly bike rides that can total up to 45 miles and three hours on the pedals.

I like staying in shape because it gives me confidence,” said Mabray, “You have more energy when you’re in shape.”

With senior year in full swing, Mabray looks to his future and hopes to join a college cycling team to stay in shape and to create connections.

While biking is a vigorous propellant towards a healthier life style, many students choose to run or go to the gym to stay fit instead.

Sophomore Max Nahmias makes time for a two to three mile run every day, while senior Sean Buckingham works out in the gym for five to ten hours a week. Buckingham wants to stress the importance of staying fit to others, which shows why his wish to become a physical therapist.

Buckingham has gone to the gym since he was thirteen years old.

My dad instilled in me the passion and drive to take care of my body,” Buckingham said.