One act auditions provide first theatre opportunity of the school year

From warm-ups to cold reads, auditions for Alan Haehnel’s Making Nice gave a snapshot of the great theatrical talent present at White Station.

Unlike many audition processes, that of directors Chloe Zelinka (12) and Corinne Coady (12) is fun and casual. After introductions and a quick ice breaker game, the co-directors handed out scripts and assigned characters, giving the actors a chance to read for different parts and put their own spin on it. Zelinka and Coady chose this comedic one act for student actors who want to hone their skills while still having a good time.

“We just wanted to do a fun show that would give us a chance to meet some of the new people in the theater department and give us some directing experience,” Zelinka said.

Although not all who auditioned will make the show, the atmosphere remained light and full of smiles. The co-directors led those auditioning through the scenes, giving tips along the way. For freshman Sulan Roachell (9), the audition was an opportunity to learn about her strengths and weaknesses as a thespian.

“I think any audition is beneficial because it still teaches you skills, even if you don’t make the cut,” Roachell said.

Zelinka and Coady hope to bring the show to the annual Tennessee Theatre Association conference for competition in October and will also have two performances at White Station. With the talent and enthusiasm shown at today’s auditions, they are sure to impress.