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Memphis College of Art will permanently close its doors in 2020


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On the morning of October 24th, Laura Hern the president of the Memphis College of Art announced that the college is no longer accepting incoming students and will close its doors in 2020. Due to a decreasing number of students- an underwhelming 305 students enrolled for the 2017 school year-the college will begin the dissolution of the MCA real estate. However, the institution will continue to fund the students still in attendance until they officially close their doors.

Memphis College of Art, centered in Midtown near Overton Park, offered several majors and concentrations that ranged from sculpture to fashion and design. In Memphis, White Station sent the most graduates to the Memphis College of Art over the past few years. Charles Berlin, one of the three art teachers at White Station, attended the college in 1983 and transferred to the University of Memphis to pursue his teaching degree the following year.

The college struggled with recruiting students, funding was low and debt closing began to accrue over the past couple of years.

“I don’t think there was a demand for the type of college courses that [Memphis College of Art] were offering, and I think that ends up being the problem,” Berlin said. “There was no program that they offered that attracted a nation-wide desire to go there.” With the Memphis College of Art closing, there have been questions regarding the future of the current undergraduate students. MCA students still have the opportunity to apply and transfer to one of the four universities and colleges in Memphis if they choose to stay in the city.

The closing of the Memphis College of Art will not be last small college to close, but if anything, students should gain an appreciation for the arts before it is too late.


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Memphis College of Art will permanently close its doors in 2020