New trend of rolled iced cream makes its way to Memphis


Kennedy Ray

Lauren Carlson (10) and Olivia Ivey (10) have ice cream at The 901 Scoop.

Milk is splattered onto a negative 19 degree metal sheet. Candy or fruit is chopped up and mixed in. A metal spatula rolls the mixture up into several rolls, and thus, rolled ice cream is born. The 901 Scoop and Rollin’ Sweets are Memphis’ new shops that serve the trend. Bhaji Hakimi, owner of The 901 Scoop, decided to bring his shop to Memphis out of both his love for the city and for his family. Hakimi, when dreaming up his business, wanted it to feel like a coffee shop.  “It’s definitely something I have a passion for,” Hakimi said. His shop also features a 100 year-old piano that has been passed down through generations of a Memphian family of piano tuners.

Tranette Toney, owner of Rollin’ Sweets, opened her shop just five months after seeing a story about rolled ice cream on television and doing her research. She strives for a more homemade taste in her ice cream. “It just reminds you of that ice cream maybe your grandma used to make at home or that ice cream your mother prepares for you,” Toney said.

Both owners agree that rolled ice cream is interesting because it is prepared in front of customers so that they know what is going into their mouths.

Joshua-James Claybon (10) has visited Rollin’ Sweets, and although his opinions of  both the customer service and the cookies and cream flavor are both positive, he still prefers traditional ice cream.

“It was pretty good, [but] it kind of tasted like regular ice cream. There wasn’t that much of a difference,” Claybon said.

Ashlee Rich (10) has visited The 901 Scoop, and she, like Claybon, prefers traditional ice cream. “ It’s smoother than having to, like, dig out the rolls and stuff,” Rich said.

Although traditional ice cream still rules the school, rolled ice cream seems to be a new and fresh way to experience eating the chilly treat.

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