White Station loses Title I funding and staff


Becca Folkes-Lallo

Terry NeSmith, Susan Satar, Tammy Hayes and Marion Smith working on their daily duties.


For the past six years, White Station has relied on Title I funding to provide resources for its student body, but that is set to change in the coming year. Title I, part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, ensures that economically disadvantaged students are provided the resources necessary to have access to a quality education. For a school to be eligible for Title I Funding, at least 40% of the school’s population has to be from low-income families.This year White Station no longer meets the requirements to receive this funding.

“All students benefit from being a Title I school,” Math Professional Learning Coach(PLC) Tammie Hayes said.

Title I funds not only provide resources to low-income students, but also provide resources that benefit all students at White Station. A great deal of the resources that students rely on are paid for by Title I funds.

“Any resources that can help students achieve academically can be paid for with Title I funds,” Hayes said.

Losing Title I will have a large impact on the student body and the ability of teachers to resource their classrooms. Although White Station will be losing funds to purchase classroom materials, students will also be losing key members of the faculty.

“We immediately lose six employees because one of the things that we can do with Title I funds is bring support into the building,” PLC Coach Terry NeSmith said.

The salaries of Title I school staff–Terry NeSmith, Tammy Hayes, Susan Satar and Bond Smith–are paid for with Title I funding; therefore, their positions will be terminated in the following school year, as well as the position of a math and English teacher.

There is still a possibility that White Station may meet the 40% requirement, and if it does, White Station will be able to receive the funding and the benefits that come with it again. For the time being, however, White Station will have to find a way to make due without Title I funding.

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