Lady Spartans to renovate locker rooms


Credit: Richard J. Myers

Blueprints for constructing the new lady spartans locker rooms

A locker room is a room containing lockers for the storage of personal belongings. However, for the Lady Spartans, locker rooms represent a place to gather thoughts, rejuvenate spirits and exit a refreshed and better person. With that being said, the school has decided to upgrade and renovate the locker rooms for the Lady Spartans volleyball team, softball team and the cheerleaders.

The previous locker rooms were outdated and misleading. Oftentimes, players thought they were storage units instead of a locker room.

“We were unaware that we had lockers, we thought it was a storage room,” Kasey Tyson (12), a Lady Spartan volleyball player said.

The new locker rooms for the Lady Spartans will have new state-of-the-art equipment.

Richard J. Myers, a member of the booster club said, “We’ll add new lockers, paint, lighting and a small storage room.”

These new locker rooms are not free; fundraisers, like organized car washes, have been organized to raise money for the new additions. The rest of the money needed for the locker rooms will be raised from a GoFundMe site and from sponsors donating for individual lockers.

“The booster club and its president, David Twelvetrees, raised the $15,000 through spirit item sales, membership dues, concession sales and the 5k,” Myers said.

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will these locker rooms . Fundraising and construction will be a gradual process, but the future does look bright for Lady Spartan teams and their upcoming locker rooms.