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Student Council


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Student Council is for the students, led by the students, meant for everyone to share their ideas and interests and to feel their voices being heard.

“Student Council is an organization that has the goal of representing the student body and catering to their needs,” E-Board President Kavya Jawabnavis (12) said.

Any student can join Student Council and is encouraged to become a member. Students can join whenever they want; however, it’s better to join at the start of the school year so new members can participate in activities throughout the whole year. A step up from being a member is being a class officer.

“Class officers are a direct line from the students to the authority figures of the school, representing the student body in a more highlighted way,” Kiersten Malone (10) said.

Every fall semester, in the middle of September, students from each grade campaign to represent their class. In the end, four student representatives are chosen to be officers for their classes.

Each semester, the class officers gather as many students as they can and go out into the community and participate in a service event. Through events, Student Council instills in members a need to serve the community.

“Whether it be cleaning up the school or volunteering at the soup kitchen, the student council members are there for the positive growth of our community student body,” Shruthi Velrajan (12) said.

Student Council also allows students to provide input in activities that boost the school’s spirit, like homecoming. In both fall and spring semesters, students can share their opinions about previous homecomings and provide input on ways to make it better. Also, at meetings and throughout the school year, students are encouraged to share their ideas to those on E-Board, who do their best to put these ideas into action.

Every student council member is intended to get five points a semester. Points can be earned by going to a variety of school functions like athletic games, choir concerts, and theater productions. This way students contribute to the success of all White Station programs. The responsibility of acquiring points allows students to become engaged in their school community.

“The goal of Student Council is to incorporate as many students as possible in influential decisions about their school to make it more enjoyable to attend,” Malone said.


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Student Council