The curious case of Donald Trump

Donald Trump at a campaign rally

Donald Trump at a campaign rally

“He’s blatantly and unapologetically stupid,” “Dump Trump,” “He just sucks.”  These are all things said about Donald Trump by students at White Station.

The 2016 Republican candidate has been the frontrunner of his party for months now, but he is not popular with many Americans nationwide. White Station students are no exception. In a survey of White Station students, the vast majority stated that not only would they not vote for Trump, they flat-out just did not like him.

It is not very surprising that Trump is unpopular. He has called all Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists and praised  “Operation Wetback” in a recent debate, a deportation program in the 1940’s that deported over a million people.

These comments are cause for valid criticism. However, outrage over his immigration comments has spilled over into outrage over seemingly everything Trump does.

The most unfair complaint against Trump might be against his stance on LGBT issues. Most students surveyed put him at either fairly or very conservative on these issues, but compared to his fellow Republican candidates he is surprisingly liberal.

Although he does not support gay marriage, he is in favor of strong civil union laws. In a recent “Meet The Press” interview Trump spoke out in support of anti-discrimination laws against gay people in the workplace, laws that many states still lack.

After the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, many Republican candidates pledged to fight it. Trump did not. Instead, he decided to respect the decision, calling it “the law of the land.”

Many of Trump’s other positions are shared by his fellow candidates. He is pro-gun rights, but not in a particularly radical way. Like many Republicans he is pro-life, but he has not always been that way. In 1999 he said “I believe it is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.”

If that sounds odd, try this: there was a time when Trump said “I probably identify more as a Democrat.” Although these comments were made over a decade ago, they show Trump is a more complex character than he appears. He is not just a golden haired man screaming about immigrants.

In no way am I supporting Trump. His immigration policy is undoubtedly racist, and some of his other ideas may completely oppose to your personal ideology. Just remember to criticize him for his actual policies, not his party.