Club presidents Tien Le and Miguel Vivar-Alcalde (12) setting the ball to one another.

The first image to come to most people’s minds when they hear the word volleyball is usually not a group of men wearing spandex shorts.

Many schools across the nation have competitive volleyball teams that hold so much talent within. There is only one problem– these teams are almost always reserved for only female athletes. There is one group breaking these stereotypes at a local level.

Last year, Tien Le (12) and his friends played volleyball to the point of inspiration.  For the love of the sport, they decided to break the gender barrier in White Station volleyball. Club presidents Tien Le and Miguel Vivar-Alcalde (12), along with Vice President Jacob Boughter (12), soon after established the WSHS Boys’ Volleyball Club, with the support of biology teacher Dr. Chikezie Madu. However, the club name soon changed as it gained more popularity.

“We also had some females who wanted to play volleyball but couldn’t afford the time, commitment or level of difficulty of the girl’s volleyball team, so we created co-ed, ” Le said.

Thus, the WSHS Co-Ed Volleyball Club was created. The club occasionally meets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays on the field between the ROTC building and the Freshmen building. When they are not shredding it up at school, they are playing at the Germantown Athletic Center on certain weekends.

No prior knowledge of the sport is needed to join. In fact, novice players are encouraged to join to improve their gameplay. Games are organized by an appointed captain pointing out the players wanted on his or her team. The more experienced members are usually appointed as captains. Teams are balanced to promote fair gameplay as beginners are put on teams with experts to help develop their understanding of the sport.

Currently, males outnumber females in the club. Out of about twenty-four members, only three are female. However, Le and the rest of the club are hoping this number rises.

On the other hand, it comes as a surprise to some that underclassmen outnumber upperclassmen as the club gains popularity. Although the club was started by seniors, there are several sophomore members of the club. At the moment however, it has about a fifty-fifty balance between upper and underclassmen.

White Station is not the only school in Memphis with a co-ed volleyball organization. Arlington High School has a similar program which has shown interest in working with White Station to create a competitive league. Tournaments could also become a possibility as these clubs gain more members. However, for the time being, this club will remain as is; a non-competitive team that is a fun activity for WSHS students.

“I hope to bring more extracurriculars that people can enjoy without actually having the competitive nature like other sports: a club that people can just play on a whim and have fun,” Le added.

White Station has a myriad of clubs that bring all types of people together. The WSHS Co-Ed Volleyball Club is doing the exact same thing. Member Zack Roder (10) agrees.

“One may think, ‘What are those boys doing playing volleyball on the side of the Freshmen Building?’” Roder said. “We’re innovating the sport of volleyball.”


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