A Failed Rebellion

Let’s face it. We can’t fight the uniform policy.

In the midst of stricter uniform enforcement, three types of students have emerged: dutiful followers of the code, insubordinates who choose to ignore the dress code and class skippers who use the “punishment” as an excuse to skip.

Out of uniform students are sent to the office where their names are placed on a list until they call someone to bring them the correct attire. If they cannot correct their uniform, they must remain in the auditorium or in-school suspension for the whole school day.

Study hall teacher Coach Drew Sachenbacher estimated an average of twenty to twenty-five students spend the day in the auditorium; some are repeat offenders. Opinions on the effectiveness of the consequences for uniform violations are split.

“Some students go [to ISS] wanting to go. They come to school knowing what they will get. They are testing the code, thinking that eventually administration will get tired before they do. But we won’t,” tenth grade principal Colonel Bailey said.

Some students, however, feel differently.

“Some people [in ISS] have the wrong mentality. They won’t be encouraged to follow the uniform code,” Alexis Harris (12) said. “But me? I’m not going to come back in here or wear this skirt again.”

Harris also gives an alternative to having students just sit around all day. “We should do something productive like pick up trash and clean up the school.”

The key to the effectiveness of the procedure is dependent upon the teachers, administrators and fellow             peers. If teachers are consistent and thorough when checking for uniform violations, rebelling students might follow the code.

The policy serves to create a better learning environment for all students. Without a standardized dress code both administrators and students would waste time debating about if an outfit crosses the line. A standardized code leaves little to no debate. It’s a simple yes or no question.

The policy helps teachers and students focus on intellectual development rather than external distractions. You know you can’t beat school policy, so just comply with the code.

Is wearing yoga pants worth missing out on your education?