After hours, drive-by shooting at White Station High School affects students, parents, and faculty alike

Katie Stanek

January 30, 2020

Adults, teens and children hear about shootings constantly. For the students of White Station, however, a recent shooting hit a little closer to home. Literally. Around 9:20 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 28, a car drove down Perkins Rd in front of t...

Academy Award nominations: Where’s the representation?

Annie Leow, Managing Editor

January 27, 2020

Upon first glance, one thing is obvious about 2020’s Academy Awards nominations: nominees were predominantly white men. Was it just a rough year for the rest of us, or is this straightforward discrimination? To break it ...

Homecoming Royalty vs Homecoming Queen

Annie Leow, Managing Editor

January 27, 2020

Basketball homecoming took notes from football homecoming this year and brought something new to the table. With a newly instated “Homecoming Royalty” title, the court has officially opened to all genders with a classic t...

NASA's rover will make a 172.21 million mile journey from Earth to Mars in 2020. Elaina Fleming (11) was one of the students competing for the honor of naming the rover.

Shooting for the Stars

January 24, 2020

Co-Presidents Larsen (12) and Ding (12) lead the first Green Team meeting of the semester. After several months in club hospice, the Green Team is finally back on its feet.

New year, new Green Team

January 21, 2020

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