GloRilla puts a spin on the hip-hop scene



GloRilla poses at the 2022 BET Awards hours before winning Best Breakthrough Artist. At the 2022 BET Awards GloRilla was invited as a performer and nominee.


“I’m F-R-E-E f-k n-a free” —a five-word phrase that blasted throughout radios and took TikTok by storm.  The song known as‘“FNF’ (Let’s Go)”, quickly became a global hit and catapulted the career of the rapper GloRilla. The once unknown rapper soared to new heights of fame during summer of 2022, due to “FNF” bringing a new sound that was greatly needed in the hip-hop scene. While most hip-hop songs focused on drugs, sex and alochol, GloRilla flipped the script and rapped about loving oneself and staying positive. Her energetic lyrics empower young girls to know they do not need to dress sexual to be loved or need a man to validate their worth. The Memphis-based rapper created the black anthem of the summer and gave much needed confidence to young, black girls everywhere.   

“She constantly proved that women can do the same thing as men, she’s positive, energetic and uplifting,” Kariana Crutchfield (12) said. “She connects with the black community as a whole … she proves you can be a successful rapper in the music industry without being sexual.” 

GloRilla being born and raised in Memphis, Tenn. gave the city the chance to shine for the right reasons. Even with her rise to stardom, GloRilla has not lost touch with her roots: her pride for her city speaks volumes to the black community. 

“She’s humble, she’s from Memphis and she still hasn’t switched up … she really represents her city well,” Sydney Berry (12) said. 

In a city where famous female rappers are unheard of and male rappers dominate the industry, GloRilla gives women the chance to shine. She brings a newfound comfort and energy to Memphis teenagers everywhere. 

“When I’m down I know, I can listen to her music and get back into the groove,” Crutchfield said. “She proves that you can be uplifting, energetic and you don’t need anybody but yourself [to be happy].”

The rapper was once a little girl with a dream to be famous. She wanted to be an actress, then a singer, but after listening to rapper Chief Keef as a teenager, rap truly called her name. At first she only rapped for the fun of it, until her cousin told her to start taking rap seriously because he saw potential in her. In 2019 she released her mixtape album “Most Likely Up Next” and never guessed that three years later her dream of success would become her reality. All eyes were drawn to GloRilla during the summer of 2022 because her songs gave an essence that was missing in the rap field: women empowerment. 

“She doesn’t rap about killing or anything of that [drugs and alcohol], she’s just [herself],” Berry said. 

In a time where women are sexualized or shamed for their looks, GloRilla is teaching young girls everywhere they are perfect just the way they are. She is teaching young girls to be proud of their bodies and to never let anybody speak over their voices. 

“She doesn’t care about her body being small … people talking about her teeth or her [deep] voice … she [just] does what she wants to do,” Berry said. 

GloRilla dominated the charts all summer long due to hype around the idea of living for yourself and not letting a man control you. A message that spoke volumes in the black community and reminded girls everywhere, they do not need a man to validate their worth. GloRilla — a once regular woman — has become an inspiration to girls everywhere. 

“She is definitely the face of the new rap game industry and she is the face of the rap game when it comes to Memphis,” Crutchfield said.