Coffee addicts’ favorite local midtown coffee shops



Midtown is home to some of Memphis’s best coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and more. It is a very unique part of Memphis that celebrates local Memphis talent in any way it can.

French Truck Coffee

If you are looking for somewhere to study and do homework, French Truck Coffee is the place to go. It is located on the main floor of Crosstown and is painted bright yellow so you can’t miss it. Grab your coffee and then stake out a spot on one of Crosstown’s many floors. They offer a variety of coffee including their new fall flavor: pumpkin praline! I have tried their chai tea latte and oat milk iced latte, which were both amazing. This was my favorite oat milk latte out of all the coffee shops I reviewed because it had the perfect ratio of espresso to oat milk. 

“I get the iced latte after school, it is a nice coffee shop to sip on while I wait for my younger brother to be let out of school.” Elio Martin (12) said. 

Otherlands Coffee 

This absolute midtown gem is embedded into Cooper Street. On the surface, it appears to be a regular coffee shop, but if you go inside, it feels as if you are stepping into the cozy living room of an 80s-style house. Local Memphis artists’ paintings rest on the blue-colored walls, vintage lamps sit on mismatched tables, painted wooden chairs are scattered across the floors, and a fish tank is perched across from the hidden gift shop. Personally, it is my favorite coffee shop, where  I do homework at a table surrounded by exotic plants and sculptures. I order the same thing every time: an oat milk latte. On top of the coffee, Otherlands also serves breakfast, lunch, and smoothies. I recommend ordering the pimento cheese sandwich and the strawberry banana smoothie. The vibe is serene, with soft rock music playing in the background and the quiet chatter and clattering of customers and plates. Every time I go, I notice something different, a new painting on the wall or a unique decoration hanging from the ceiling.

“Midtown coffee shops have a lot of good connected to them because of the creativity of midtown coffee shop owners.” Owen Summers (10) said. 

Java Cabana Coffeehouse 

This coffee shop has a similar vibe to Otherlands but is slightly smaller. It has a more open, homey space filled with books on Memphis’s history, heart-shaped decorations floating from the ceiling, and oil paintings on the walls. My favorite element was the chess boards on the tables, where customers show off their strategic thinking skills while sipping a cup of coffee. I ordered the oat milk americano, and it did not disappoint! I sat on a comfortable couch across from a painting of Elvis while drinking the americano. It was a little more acidic than I am used to, but the creaminess of the oat milk balanced out the flavor.

“I mostly go to Java Cabana because it is my favorite. My go-to order is an Iced Mocha Latte or an Iced Vanilla Latte.” Forrester said.

17 Berkshire 

Imagine walking in Overton square with a cup of coffee in your hands while you wear your favorite autumn boots watching as the red leaves fly by. That is what I did with my iced oat milk latte from 17 Berkshire, an elegant French cafe hidden on a corner of Overton Square. Although it is a little more expensive than other coffee shops, the $6.31 I spent was worth every penny. The latte had the perfect balance of oat milk to espresso and gave me the energy to finish some college essays. The taste was smooth, non-acidic, and creamy. The vibe of 17 Berkshire is darling: white French designs line the walls, a dainty window looks out into the Square, and stacked colorful macarons sit pretty in the pastry section display. To go along with your coffee, you must indulge in the colorful macarons and other French delicacies this cafe boasts on the display. After ordering my coffee, I tried their autumn pumpkin spice macaron, and it was delicious. The employees are always very welcoming, cheerful, and stylish. 17 Berkshire is a must for coffee addicts! 

INSPIRE Community Cafe 

I usually don’t like to order regular brewed coffee at any coffee shop, but a regular brewed coffee with almond milk is exactly what I order every time I go here. Their regular roast blend is one of the best I have ever tried! They also serve delicious smoothies, an all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I recommend their “Egg-cellent Scrambles” with eggs, cheese, veggies, and sausages. The cafe has a nice vibe with local Memphis magazines available while you wait for your order. Additionally, their outside dining spaces are perfect for drinking a warm latte on a crisp October morning.

“My favorite drink from there is the salted caramel latte and I like going there mainly for the atmosphere because I like how it looks and it is a nice place to relax.” Johave Laureano (9) said.