BRIDGES encourages King’s dream


Corrine McClure

BRIDGES celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday by showering the crowd with balloons.

The well-known youth organization BRIDGES offers the opportunity for students of various ethnicities, ages and religions to come together and learn skills such as cooperation, leadership and appreciation for their community.

Senior Corrinne McClure became involved in BRIDGES Collaborate in her junior year. McClure said that participating in BRIDGES teaches you patience, responsible risk-taking and, most importantly, teamwork. McClure, who is a paid intern at BRIDGES, said that the organization stresses the value of teamwork.

McClure was also a facilitator for the BRIDGES Martin Luther King Jr. Day event. Participants of this event learned to “recognize the great things in the community” through a community action fair, looking at King’s life and even some reflective artwork. McClure and other facilitators wanted to give the participants a good time, but also wanted to make sure that the event inspired change in the participants’ lives so that they will then change their community.

One thing that McClure thinks teenagers should take into consideration about Martin Luther King Jr. is that “he was our age and took the bull by the horns, but in a nonviolent way.”
Because of this, she feels that King is a living example of the BRIDGES mission, which is to inspire diverse teenagers to become confident leaders devoted to community transformation. She hopes this event helped people lay down cultural differences in our society today. McClure hopes that all of the activities inspired people to bridge cultural gaps and build a better society.

McClure feels that aspects King’s dream are being carried out today. However, McClure urges everyone to further realize King’s dream by “stepping out of their comfort zone and push[ing] past the animosity.” Accomplishing this goal will take leadership as well as teamwork, key components of the BRIDGES vision.