Track team races into upcoming season


Kirsten Tilford

Alyssa Winston (11), Jade Marie (11), David Anderson (11), and Elizabeth Love (11) pose for a picture prior to the track team’s first jamboree. The jamboree took place on March 10 at Houston High School.

Lunar New Year, National Golden Retriever Day, St. Valentine’s Day. February contains a variety of significant days, and for the track team, the 14th signals the start of a new season. Kirsten Tilford (12) is a track team manager for the first time this year. She attends and assists with all of the team’s events.

“I help manage the team, so payments for uniforms and distribution as well as keeping track of times and making sure everyone’s improving is my main job,” Tilford said.

The team is larger than usual this year, meaning there is a higher chance that a track athlete from White Station will succeed in a given event. Members of the track team can participate in a variety of events that test skill, speed and strength.

“We have all different types of running divisions,” Tilford said. “And this year we even have a throwing coach. There’s short sprints, long sprints, mid distance and the distance group as well as our field team.”

Corterreus Bedford (12) has been on the track team for two years and predicts that the team will have another successful season this year. While his injury has prevented him from partaking in the first Shelby County Jamboree at Houston High School on March 10, he will be able to resume his participation after the removal of his boot.

“My main events are shotput and discus,” Bedford said. “I participate in these events because I love the competitiveness and technicalities involved with them.”

Tylan Williams (12) has been on the track team for four years, but this is only the second season he has been able to compete in. His main events are the 110 meter and the 300 meter hurdles, but he also participates in  jumps and sprints. Williams and the team have been preparing for the season with focused practices throughout the week.

“The team has been training for months in preparation for the upcoming season,” Williams said. “We’ve just been working on continuously getting better each day. We work on taking care of our health and staying focused on our goals.”

The team expects to perform well this season. Track members have a well grounded support system as guidance from coaches and the support of teammates allows members of the team to improve each practice.

“As always, we expect great results from our team,” Williams said.  “Also, with our team reflecting the size of our school and being larger than usual this year, we are looking very strong which plays into our team goals. Along with leadership from athletes and coaches, we have a great mix of young potential and experienced talent that creates an amazing training atmosphere.”

Overall, the team is eager to begin the season and hopefully send Spartans to advance in the city, sectional and state competitions.

“We’re going to state for sure,” Tilford said. “I mean we go every year, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the team is going to do great things this season.”