Finding the perfect balance between work and school

Senior Tim Woods, junior Kylee Todd, and sophomore Gyuri Han are among the busiest students in the school. They understand the principles of juggling their time between school, work, and the rest of their hectic schedules.

When Woods decided he wanted a job for extra money and good food, he thought Chipotle would be the perfect place. Tim applied and was excited to finally have a job, but he did not realize how crazy the first few weeks would be.

“At first it was getting out of hand. I was working 20 to 25 hours per week,” said Woods.

Woods realized these busy hours were not corresponding with his school and cross country schedules. Now, Woods mainly works on weekends and breaks, and he tries to avoid working on school days. This helps him manage his time during the school week. Woods has time to socialize at cross country practice, Bridge Builders events, and outings with his friends. Work is enjoyable and social for Woods because he loves spending time with his coworkers. His boss is flexible with his schedule and makes work a positive aspect of Tim’s life.

Because other students work at Chick Fil A and the flexible hours, Todd thought Chick Fil A would be an suitable first job. She was looking for responsibilities and experiences to apply to her life. From her first day on the job, Todd managed her time between work, school, and soccer. Because she can choose her hours, they fit perfectly with her schedule. Todd uses her time in study hall to finish most of her written work, and she studies when she gets home.

“If I know I’m working, and I have a test the next day, I study a couple nights before the test. I can’t procrastinate,” she said.

Todd enjoys being at work with her coworkers, and she plans to work throughout high school and when she is home on breaks from college.

Han works as a cashier and cook at Schlotsky’s. She works for seven hours at a time, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. After school, Han starts  homework in the library and goes straight to work. She completes her remaining homework after she comes home from work, even if it means staying up late.

“Coffee is what gets me through the day. Without it, I would be asleep right now,” said Han

Han loves her coworkers, and she plans to keep the job until the end of high school. She saves the money to pay for school trips with the quizbowl and the math team.