White Station’s unofficial staff


Payton Middleton

Good friends Mike Ellis and Grant McDonald visit each other

White Station is home to a community of great substitute teachers, a unique feature that is often overlooked. We all know the regulars at White Station, but we rarely think about what substituting means to them.

Mike Ellis is one of our well-known substitutes. In need of a job, he became a substitute and chose to come to White Station, where his children went to school.

“At my age, a lot of people weren’t going to hire me anyhow so it is a nice job to come into,” said Ellis. “I like being around the students and the teachers.”

Ellis especially appreciates the diversity at White Station and is involved in Spartan life as one of the coaches of the rugby team. His involvement in the school is greatly valued by students.

“A good sub is someone who likes the students, who tries to converse with the students but also tries to help out if they can. A good sub makes sure the work gets done without being overbearing and doesn’t assume the role of the teacher,” said senior Lamisa Hasan.

The student-substitute relationship at White Station is mutual. Whether it be with large life lessons or small bits of advice, subs support the students, and students support the subs.

“They try to get to know us even though they are subs,” said Hasan.

White Station subs also have close relationships with each other.

“Since we’re not part of the faculty, we have each others’ backs and there is a sense of community within the subs,” said Ellis.

Often times the subs even hang out outside of school.

“I hang out with Mr. Hurt and Mr. McDonald. Mr. McDonald and I play golf occasionally. We go to ball games and White Station games,” said Ellis.

Next time you have a sub, remember to thank him or her for making White Station such a great school, because as Ellis said, “White Station is just about the coolest place there is.”