Briana Massey spreads body positivity with her street fashion business


Briana Massey

Briana Massey poses for a photo for SimplyStreetStyles. She designed the sweatshirt, among other pieces, herself and it is embellished with the brand logo.

Amidst the clutter of the teenage mind, Briana Massey (12) is clearing the way for body positivity, self-confidence with her new street fashion business, SimplyStreetStyles. 

New businesses have popped up all throughout quarantine. With nowhere to go or people to meet, ideas for creative pastimes have blossomed. Briana was not far behind on the business bandwagon. After seeing a TikTok about street fashion, she fell in love with the concept and dropped her first line on Oct.  31, 2020. 

“The original idea was streamlined in April,” Briana said. “My plan was to drop it in the summer and I kept messing up, and by the time I was to the point where I was going to drop the clothes that I had, it was winter-time, so I had to basically start all over.”

Briana’s business runs on the slogan “Be your own model.” 

“When it comes to media and being a supermodel and dressing well, it’s always this like, fake image that everyone must strive to be, it’s very one-noted,” Briana said. “So when I say, ‘be your favorite model’, I mean [to] have the courage and feel like you’re yourself… I want you to say I am my favorite model.” 

One way Briana displays her message is by using a diverse group of models. Her social media promotes all body types, sizes, genders and styles.

“I feel like [the slogan] was just the best thing ever because everybody wants to be a model, everybody has thought in their mind ‘oh you know, maybe I should be a model’ and I feel like especially with the people she chose for her brand ambassadors with so many sizes and people, it really gave people a sense of ‘I can do it,’” Bianca Massey (12) said.

Briana has received tremendous support from customers since the business took off and has also built relationships due to her friendly customer service. Customers not only receive notifications for when their purchase was made and shipped but also a hand-written thank you letter and a sweet treat in the package.

“It definitely brought me closer to a lot of my ambassadors and a couple of my customers as well,” Briana said. “Because when you get their support and enthusiasm that they have for your business it definitely brings you closer to them.” 

Briana’s connection to her target audience has also increased her sales. Being a White Station student automatically makes her closer to a majority of her customers.

“It makes people definitely want to shop with her more when they know the person, they know exactly who they are, you know that their profit is being made, it kinda makes you feel good knowing that you’re helping people out,” Breeze Smith (12) said.

SimplyStreetStyles took off right from the beginning, and Briana plans to keep it going as long as possible.

“I feel like after the business took off and she started getting sales, she was happier from when we first started the business,” Bianca said. “There’s a lot of emotions that are going on from starting a business, there’s a lot of ups and downs in it, and I feel like once we got it done and got all the pictures and everything, she was happier and proud.” 

Briana will continue spreading her confidence and positivity with everyone. She plans to drop another line on February 26, 2021.

“I plan to really show up and show out the next time around,” Briana said.

Massey’s Business can be accessed here: