Newly-elected 2020 class officers ready to lead


Peter Mckissack

Peter Mckissack (12) smiles in the stands of a 2019-2020 football game. Elected class president, Mckissack hopes to impact his class’ year in a positive way despite the online setting.

Posters hanging in the hallways, buttons reading “vote for president,” and motivating public speeches were not a part of the 2020 class officer elections. Instead, students submitted their votes for class officers through a Microsoft form. Regardless of the virtual circumstances, the 2020-2021 class officers are ready to make their mark this school year. 

Peter Mckissack (12)  had a successful campaign using online methods. 

“I simply posted my campaign posters on social media and had a couple of my friends post, therefore it could reach the maximum amount [of voters],” Mckissack said. 

With the elections online, voting was done through Microsoft Forms. Harini Gopi (10), class commissioner, believes E-board chose the best voting method. 

“[With] other forms like Google forms, people could basically vote as many times as they wanted,” Gopi said. 

Voter Jordan Robinson (10) found the voting process to be effective. When voting, Robinson was looking for a quality candidate.

“[I wanted to vote for someone] who’s going to be a very great leader and make the right decisions,” Robinson said. 

Newly elected president, Sam Shiberou (10), aspires to make the school year more enjoyable for the sophomore class by reaching out for their input. 

“I would love for them to reach out to me, if they have any ideas … I’d love to … try to make them happen,” Shiberou said. 

Meanwhile, Mckissack already has ideas underway, in the hope to unite his class during basketball homecoming.

“It’s a big event for us, so I want to make sure that everyone feels included and that we all get a chance to share something special this year,” Mckissack said. 

Gopi, who plans events for the sophomore class, wants to work with Shiberou to hold events that are reasonable, but beneficial. 

“I hope they plan things that are … doable … something we can do safely and responsibly and something that …  helps the community while we’re doing it,” Gopi said. 

Shiberou wants to plan social events either online or safely in-person. 

“A trivia kahoot or something along those lines … kind of like a fun time for everybody,” Shiberou said. 

In order for any plans this school year to be successful, student participation is key.

“I’m nervous that … not as many people will turn out, as they would in-person,” Shiberou said. 

While events are on both Shiberou and Mckissack’s agenda, student workload is another challenge Mckissack believes he can tackle. 

“Being on the principal advisory board, that’s something I feel I can really sort of touch on and put a hand in,” Mckissack said. 

Recognizing the importance of senior year is also something Mckissack wants to keep alive during the pandemic.

“I know… we don’t get to enjoy all the senior festivities we’ve seen our friends have in the past, but we’re gonna make the best of this year,” Mckissack said. “We’re gonna be the one unforgettable class that managed to work through all the trials and tribulations that the year 2020 threw at us.”