Restaurant Review – Taqueria La Guadalupana

Let’s be honest. When we hear the words “cheap” and “delicious” in the same sentence, a cry of joy almost escapes our mouths. Cheap and delicious is the perfect description of the Mexican taqueria La Guadalupana.

Located on 4818 Summer Ave, La Guadalupana is an excellent representation of authentic food at a great price. The menu ranges from refreshing drinks, like ice cold horchata, to filling meals, such as the enormous Chorizo burrito.

One of the many great things about La Guadalupana is the service and the casualness. You can simply come in after a rough day at school and stuff yourself with tortilla chips and zesty garden fresh salsa. Within a few minutes, you’ll be devouring those tacos decamerones you were so excited about.

The tacos are made of two white corn tortillas filled with your choice of seasoned meat, topped with cilantro and onions. The burritos come stuffed with your choice of meat, beans, and an abundance of fresh vegetables. La Guadalupana is known for being a fresh taqueria that loves its cilantro.

Perhaps you’re feeling a bit adventurous and a simple beef taco won’t cut it. La Guadalupana has many more exotic options such as the goat taco or the tongue taco. They are also vegetarian friendly; you can order meals without meat or the vegetarian meal.

So, next time you’re on your way to Taco Bell, stop and think about the authentic and affordable tacos, burritos, fajitas or quesadillas that you could get at La Guadalupana. You won’t regret it.