Once Upon a Furry Fairytale: Bonaparte starts fur slide business


Natela Bonaparte

Here is a picture of the “Gucci Fur Slide” from Natela Bonaparte’s website: furryfairytale.bigcartel.com. Bonaparte posted her other fur slide colors on her Instagram @furryfairytale1.

The average high schooler mainly focuses on school, social activities and sometimes a sport. Natela Bonaparte (10), on the other hand, decided to take on the challenge of running a shoe and accessory business, called Furry Fairy Tale, during the last few months of her freshman year. 

“I started my business when it was in the middle of the pandemic,” Bonaparte said. “I couldn’t afford to get clothes, cool shoes and the things that I needed in everyday life, and I felt bad for other people who were less fortunate than me, so I said I want to start my business because I know I can sell good quality products for people who don’t have that much money to buy shoes that will last long.” 

After constructing the foundations of her business such as working on the website, starting the social media pages and completing the challenging task of finding a vendor, Furry Fairy Tale came to life. This season’s latest trends include colorful furry slides, lipgloss handmade by Bonaparte, voluminous lashes and sunglasses. Customer and friend of Bonaparte’s, Brooklyn Smith (10), has been one of her main supporters and enjoys purchasing fur slides and lashes.

 “I bought the brown fur slides, and they are so comfortable and easy to walk in,” Smith said.

Although the creation of her business was not all as smooth as a fairy tale, Bonaparte stayed consistent and persevered through the challenges. She even inspired one of her customers to create her own slides.

 “One of my customers- it really touched me- she made her own fur slides from a Nike slide and put fur on it and said how she was inspired by my slides and how she wants to make her own business,” Bonaparte said. “It brings me happiness and joy, and really warms my heart that I’m an inspiration to people.”

Throughout the making of her business, Bonaparte discovered several new aspects of her personality and learned some important life lessons.

“I learned my value and to respect myself in terms of business when customers and vendors were not replying; I had to learn to value my time;” Bonaparte said, “Being sixteen, a black person while being an entrepreneur, it does affect you differently.”

Bonaparte puts her all into making her fur slides while creating an engaging experience between her customers through her Instagram and website. Bonaparte’s future goals include reaching one thousand followers on her business Instagram account, expanding her website and getting a larger audience for her business. 

“Furry Fairy Tale comes from a dream – this is my dream,” Bonaparte said. “This is a wonderland of whatever my customers want.”