Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way: 3 recipes to help beat boredom in quarantine


Katie Stanek

DoubleTree by Hilton released its cookie recipe, allowing everyone to enjoy them while people are staying safe at home.

Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” As COVID-19 continues to isolate people in their homes, Truman’s quote is proving true. Escaping from the devastation of a raging pandemic, many have chosen to retreat into their kitchens to bake their cares away. In the hopes of finding a new recipe to provide solace, I baked three recipes – banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and “water cake.” 

Banana Bread 

This banana bread recipe drew me in because my family had made it before (yes, I admit that my family has caved and made many loaves of banana bread). It is a classic, dependable recipe that can be made with bananas that have turned brown. While the removal of the soft banana peels can be daunting and disgusting, the end result is worth it. One can add chocolate chips or walnuts to the recipe, but the bread is delectable with or without either. I would recommend this recipe for banana bread.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

In light of COVID-19, many restaurants have closed or been restricted to delivery-only. As a result, some have released recipes so the public would still have access to the restaurant’s food. DoubleTree by Hilton posted their chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is the recipe that I tried. This recipe is slightly more difficult to make than the banana bread due to more precise instructions  (mix on low speed for 30 seconds, then medium speed for 2 minutes) and a more varied list of ingredients. (¼ teaspoon lemon juice). However, the completed cookie (and the guilty sneaks of cookie dough) makes the extra effort worth it. I would recommend this recipe for whenever the travel blues hit (the recipe came from a hotel chain, after all) or on any day that ends in “y.”


“Water Cake”

Don’t be scared of the name. I chose this recipe because, in a time of uncertainty regarding the date of the next grocery trip and what’s going to be available in stores, this cake provides an egg-free and dairy-free alternative when those chocolate cravings arrive. This cake was moderately easy to make, and it was less stressful from an eggless cleanup.. However, this cake differs from the typical cake. In fact, it’s texture resembles bread more so than cake. I would not recommend this recipe for chocolate cake, but it is an adequate chocolate fix when one’s ingredients are limited. 


Let us know how these recipes turned out for you. What new or creative recipes have you tried out in quarantine? Send your responses to @wshsscroll on Instagram.