Two boys on the prowl

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Daniel Brown

The cover art for Robert Roaten (12) and Rami Johnson’s (12) podcast, “On the Prowl.” The podcast focuses on local and national sports with an emphasis on basketball and football.

COVID-19 has forced pretty much everyone in the United States into a long, drudging self-quarantine. But two Spartan seniors are using this time to develop a creative outlet for one of their greatest passions: sports. Thus, On the Prowl Podcast, hosted by Rami Johnson (12) and Robert Roaten (12), was born. 

A simple formula was all it took. Two best friends plus sports equals a good time.

“Rami and I have been great friends since middle school, and we both knew about each other’s care for sports, so Rami was the first person I wanted to have on this podcast to run it with. When I asked him if he would want to join me and be my cohost, he said he would be honored to join me,” Roaten said. 

The boys have been using Zoom to record their episodes, but they plan on using studio recording once self-quaratine comes to an end. And boy do they have a lineup waiting: Geoff Calkins of the Geoff Calkins Show, Jason and John from 92.9 ESPN, and Lance Thomas of the Memphis Tigers Basketball team are a few exciting names to be featured in the upcoming weeks. 

Despite difficult times now, the boys have their eyes set on a bright future for their podcast.

“Our long-term goals for the podcast are to become marketable and reputable enough to gain possible sponsorships or deals along the way and gain fans all over America, maybe even the world,” Johnson said.

And there’s no doubt they can do it. But for now, they’re just two boys on the prowl.