The glitz and glam of Elitz

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Zoe Spikner (12) models for her jewelry business, Elitz Collection. She began the business in her junior year with the help of her entrepreneur father and family.

Shiny things attract the eye. Glamorous things attract the wallet. Zoe Spikner (12) gets the best of both of those worlds with her jewelry business, Elitz Collection. 

Elitz was born from many inspirations, one being Spikner’s own father.

“My dad inspired me the most when starting a business. He is an entrepreneur and has encouraged me since a little girl to be in business for myself. I realized when I was older that entrepreneurship is what I truly enjoy,” she said.

Her passion for technology, art, and marketing drove her to finally start her business at the end of her junior year and launch her own website.

“Elitz is a full reflection of me since I put everything into my business myself. From the logo to the website, to the color of the packaging, I decided,”  she said.

Zoe’s senior year is pretty much a thing of the past, but she plans to bring her business with her to college.

“I feel college will open me up to a greater market where people will support me. It will force me to get organized, and I love the fact that because of my major I will be able to relate what I learn in class to my business,” she said.

Zoe plans to attend Middle Tennesee State University with a major in business marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. But no matter what she does or where she goes, she’s taking Elitz Collection with her and promoting a mission of confidence and beauty with her accessories.