Optional open house has clubs, classes, and councils, oh my!



The cafeteria was converted into a world of possibilities. Clubs from JROTC to Latin were featured for students, and they were also able to tour the school and discuss with fellow students or teachers about classes.

White Station High School has a lot to offer students of all different talents and abilities. The Optional open house gave White Station the ability to not only flaunt its programs to current students but also students from other high schools or still in middle school.

“The Optional Program continually works to attract the best and brightest students in our community to join us at White Station High School.” Michael Ayers, Vice Principal and Optional open house coordinator, said.

The Optional open house was for students to attend to plan for next year. It was also a great time for clubs and fundraisers to show all they had to offer for students to consider for next year. 

The Executive Board led tours of the school before everyone convened in the auditorium for a presentation of statistics and projections for the Optional Program. Both Principal Carrye Holland and Vice-Principal Michael Ayers spoke on the appeal of looking into these programs and how they compare with other schools of our community.

After that, everyone was dismissed to either take more tours, see all the clubs on display, buy shirts from Booster club, or meet with their teachers/counselors.

“I thought it was one of the best [Optional open houses] we’ve ever had,” Stephanie McClain, WSHS counselor who worked the event, said. 

The students, faculty, and staff of White Station united to pull together an informative evening showcasing all of the benefits White Station has to offer current and future students. 

“Last night was a large step in the right direction,” Ayers said. “It was gratifying to see so many of our faculty, staff, and students going the extra mile to showcase all of the great offerings we have here at Sparta.”