Quintin Zielinski pursues his artistic passion


Friends by Quintin Zielenski was posted on his personal art instagram page _kyuzi in late February. Zielenski’s designs are often created for pleasure rather than for purpose, and are shared on social media for others to view.

From pencil and paper to digital design, Quintin Zielinski’s (12) lifelong passion for art has inspired him to develop his technique and design professional pieces for White Station’s art and literary magazine, The Scribbler. 

“Ever since I was a little kid, like in school and even before that, I would just draw things with crayons and markers. I’ve always made stuff and always had ideas,” Zielinski said.

Through maturity and experience, Zielinski transformed his simple ideas and doodles into cohesive pieces and designs, all drawn from his own inspiration. In his sophomore year, he was admitted as a member of The Scribbler and sought to begin a new chapter of his life in art design.

“The Scribbler forced me to make real designs… which kind of inspired my creativity and made me realize that I wanted to be a graphic designer or artist as a career,” Zielinski said.

For Zielinski, membership in the Scribbler meant the publication of designs with digital software – an area of graphic design he had never tapped into. Through new technology like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, he discovered new opportunities to refine his art and develop his unique artistic style.

“Not a lot of my art design is super tight or clean. It’s rough and it has character,” Zielinski said.

Zielinski is responsible for creating designs on posters for The Scribbler, as well as for the cover of the magazine itself. Throughout his time as a designer for the magazine, Zielinski has created 20 to 30 individually distinct designs, all stemming from his inspirations: a sense of goofiness and childhood nostalgia.

“..Maintaining the kid that’s in the back of my head. Drawing and creating preserves that instead of just ignoring it and trying to grow out of it,” Zielinski said.