Rakestraw polls students to discover who is the hottest politician


Curt Rakestraw

The bracket entitled “Ballot Box Babes” is found outside of Rakestraw’s classroom and is to find the hottest politician.

While walking down the hall towards the senior gym, many students have marveled at the bracket of politicians outside of the library. The bracket was made by the U.S. Government and Politics teacher Curt Rakestraw and was given the name “Ballot Box Babes,” and the purpose is to find who is the hottest world leader.

“This is something we did here a long time ago just for fun. We were trying to do something fun for valentines day but also stretch us between this really boring part of the year between valentines day and march madness, so we combined the 2 events,” said Rakestraw.

Students and teachers voted on numerous politicians varying  from foreign world leaders, to U.S. presidents and U.S. Congressmen an online poll found on Rakestraw’s Twitter. The winner was declared Queen Rania of Jordan, who won with 58% of the vote against former U.S. president Barack Obama.

While the purpose was to find the hottest politician, the effect of the poll brought students together. Students who didn’t even take Rakestraw’s class were seen outside his class taking the poll and debating with their friends.

“The funniest part is you get to hear teenagers fighting with their friends about if Gerald Ford is hotter than Richard Nixon一kids that I don’t even know,” Rakestraw said.

Next year’s ‘Ballot Box Babes Competition’ is still up in the air.

“I don’t know if we’ll have it next year. It depends on having a group of students that’s enthusiastic about it. It’ll be up to the students next year,” Rakestraw said.