White Station offers new astronomy courses to all students

The 2020-2021 school year will bring about more educational opportunities and classes, including yoga and astronomy. 

The new elective astronomy course will cover engineering-related topics as well as basics in space technology. Jones and Nwokeji are looking forward to taking the course.

The addition of an astronomy course to the school has piqued the interest of many students. The course is open to all grade levels and it will count as a year-long elective class.

Many rising sophomore and junior students will be taking the course next year to foster their interests in science. Jessica Nwokeji (9) will be taking the course next year.

“I’m just really looking forward to learning about the planets and stars because we don’t do that enough in regular science classes,” Nwokeji said. “It just seems like a fun enough class.”

Mariam Jones (9) will also be taking the course next year.

“I’ve always been interested in space ever since I was a little kid,” Jones said. “I’ve never thought about an actual career in it, but I’m really excited about the class.”

Overall, the new course will bring about new experiences and heighten interests for many students.

“I’m happy this is in the curriculum because it just seems like such an unusual class,” Nwokeji said.