Seniors practice for DECA competition by holding poster session

With the DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC) competition nearing, seniors competing in written events presented their projects in the library on March 4th as practice. Formal invitations were sent out to family members, professionals and administration to encourage them to come and give advice before the competition. 

“We had to wear professional clothing and go straight to the library. The adults we invited to come walked around and asked questions about our posters,” Ainsley Shaw (12)  said. “My group probably presented our project three times to different adults, so it definitely helped.”

Although there are many types of written events, almost all competitors’ scores are based on a paper that is submitted before winter break and the actual presentation at competition. In order to prepare for this presentation, each group is expected to write a script and design visual aids.

“The amount of group members you have determines how many poster boards you have to decorate,” Elizabeth Hubbard (12), whose event title is Project Management: Community Awareness, said. “I had to have three sides of poster boards covered with information about my presentation on bullying.” 

The purpose of this poster session is to help lessen the nerves of competition and to give competitors final critiques. 

“I think it was super helpful getting some preparation for the actual competition,” Neha Larson (12). “I was able to anticipate questions that real judges would ask, and I think that has helped me greatly.”