Lady Gaga drops first single in three years and announces six-city tour


The Fader

"Stupid Love" dropped on Feb. 28 with the announcement of an album that will drop on Apr. 10.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is a true icon. Whether you love or hate her music, you know it. “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance” and “Born This Way” are all old reliables you can trust everyone to know when you need a song to wail to. She’s proved herself to be a versatile artist with her heart wrenching 2016 single, “Million Reasons” and her deeply emotional duet with Bradley Cooper, “Shallows,” from their movie, “A Star is Born.” For all the headlines detailing her various flavorful outfits, there are just as many raving about her undeniable talent. And now, she’s back.

On Feb. 28, Gaga dropped a new single, “Stupid Love,” along with a music video and the announcement of an upcoming six-city tour that will hit Paris, London, Toronto, Boston, Chicago and New Jersey. Officially called the Chromatic Ball Summer Tour, this tour will follow the release of her album, “Chromatica,” which drops on Apr. 10.

“Stupid Love,” like many of her other songs, has an upbeat rhythm with a very wholesome underlying message. The music opens with strings and images of fighting and violence before the beat drops, and Gaga swoops in dressed like a pink warrior for peace, singing about compassion and wanting love.

True to her nature, Gaga delivered a bop with promise of more to come. “Stupid Love” is only the latest in Gaga’s long line of dance-worthy pop songs, and it did not disappoint. As her first non-theatrical work since her 2016 album “Joanne,” this single is catchy and inspired at the same time. It’s set the bar high for “Chromatica,” but knowing Lady Gaga, all expectations will be met and exceeded.